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An amazing place that you visited

In my life, I have seen a lot of beautiful places, but there was one place that I'll never forget. The place that I visited was amazing, very beautiful, and I'll never see a place like the place that I saw. The name of the place was Toela, and it's about two hours from Sulaimaniyah. The road was amazing because it was between the high mounts that covered with the green grass. Also, I loved the place because there was a rain which made an amazing scene with the mounts that covered by the green grass. I took a lot of photos for the amazing natural; it was an unforgettable day in all my life.

can anyone please correct my paragraph...

What exactly is this paragraph for? It seems a bit simple. In any event, here are some grammatical fixes for you:

"and I'll never see any other place like the place that I saw"

"it was between high mountain s that were covered with the green grass"

"with the mountain s that were covered by the green grass."

"I took a lot of photos of the amazing natural scenery "

"it was an unforgettable day . "
thaaaaaaaaaaaaanx alooooooooooooot

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I have been travelling around the world and I have seen lots of beautiful places, but I especially remember one of them, which I visited this year and I would like to visit again. It is Didim - a little picturesque village in southern Turkey. It is the best choice for everybody who wants to spend their holidays in a hospitable atmosphere.

Located on a shore of Aegean Sea. each year Didim attracts a number of ancient lovers. What impresses all the tourists coming here is its bustling centre with a lot of cosy cafés. Everyday`s evening local folklore teams perform here with traditional dances and music, If you want, you can learn local songs.

But the real highlight of Didim is an ancient Appolo`s temple, which is situated in the suburbs of this little town. Standing here, you feel like a priest with a magical power, who can predict the future. It is absolutely amazing experience.

In the summer the holiday-makers can take part in a national Kebab championships: the person who eats the most of Turkish Kebab wins the competition. The price is wonderful: you have opportunity to come to didim next year absolutely free.

I am convinced rhat Didim is a perfect resort for people who want to unwind after a hectic year. They will return here with sheer pleasure, because only Didim allows us to forget about daily problems and duties.

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